My name is Giancarlo Marino. I’m a professional photographer in Tokyo Japan.

Are you looking for a professional photographer in Tokyo, Japan? Do you need a Tokyo photographer who can take care of everything — from hiring hairstylists to scouting locations? Or do you need clean, modern photos for your next Tokyo fashion shoot?

No matter what you’re looking for in a photographer, I have the knowledge and experience to provide beautiful and professional photos for your next photo shoot project in Japan!

About My Style As A Fashion Photographer

My work has been described classic, romantic and clean. In addition, some people say my photos are hard and sometimes dramatic. These are all the qualities that make up the perfect image. As a result, I nail it every time. Very important for a fashion photographer.

Where I Come From And Where I started As A Photographer

I was born in Napoli, Italy. I picked up my first camera at age 12. My weekly allowance was small but I used it to buy my first camera. It was a Kodak camera. I began photographing the beauty that surrounded me in my hometown. I really wanted to become a fashion photographer. So in high school, I began to take interest in the beautiful Italian designers. I saw them in fashion magazines such as Vogue. Being Italian, it was love at first sight.
Photographer in Tokyo Giancarlo Marino

Professional Photographer in Tokyo

Whether you are looking for a local photographer to capture your brand or a photography expert to design your next fashion shoot, I am the right person for the job. Though I hail from Napoli, Italy, I now live and works in Tokyo, Japan. As a result, my photography embodies an international style, with elements from Europe, North America, and Asia. 

I was voted FashionTV’s Best Photographer at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. I know how to get the perfect shot, regardless of the setting. After attending the Institute of Arts in Napoli and the European Institute of Design in Milan, I worked for several Italian fashion magazines, including Vogue Italia, GQ Italia, Vanity Fair Italia, and Marie Claire Italia. I then took my expertise to the United States, where I worked in Los Angeles as a fashion and celebrity photographer. Nowadays, I lend my expertise to brands, individuals, magazines and businesses throughout Asia and the world.

Where I Learned How To Be A Professional Fashion Photographer

I studied and obtained a Bachelor degree in Photography at IED Milano. Right after that I left Italy and moved to Los Angeles. I was glad to get the opportunity right away to work for famous fashion photographer Jerry Avenaim as an assistant for a little over a year. Sometimes during my shootings I still use some of the many advices I received from him.
Photographer Giancarlo Marino Roen for Dazzy Shooting
Photographer Giancarlo Marino in Cannes

Where I Worked As A Fashion Photographer

As I started working as a fashion photographer, I was offered advertising campaigns such as Armani, Diesel, Banana Republic, etc. I worked with magazines such as Elle and Vogue. I worked in the Italian and US fashion industry for over 20 years. After that, I moved to Japan. Now, I work mostly in the Asian fashion market and I still currently reside and work in Tokyo as well.

Tokyo Photography Services by Giancarlo Marino

What kind of photography services does Giancarlo Marino provide? Here are just a few of my areas of expertise:

  • Fashion Photographer
  • Editorial Photographer
  • Beauty and Swimwear Photographer
  • Travel Photographer
  • Sports Photographer
  • Commercial Photo Sessions
  • Video Direction
  • Advertising

Additionally, I know how to take your photo session from the planning stages all the way to post-production. Here’s what you can expect from a photo shoot with me in Tokyo:

  • Planning and Design – After discussing your needs and expectations, I will personally design the staging, lighting, and style of your photos. 
  • Location Scouting – I will find the perfect photo spot in Tokyo (or elsewhere) for your photo shoot. Whether you want to take high-resolution photos on the beach at sunset or in the middle of Tokyo during rush hour, my team will secure the right location for you.
  • Casting – I will find and cast the best models to match the style of your photo shoot (as needed).
  • On-Set Stylists – On the day of the photo shoot, I provide an expert team of makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe designers, and assistants to ensure the best possible look for your photos.
  • Post-Production – In addition to my abilities as a photographer, I’m also adept at photo editing and retouching. Once the photos have been taken, I will make sure that they look perfect before their publication.

In short, when you hire Giancarlo Marino as your Tokyo photographer, you don’t just get a person with a camera; you get a professional who can handle every step of the photo shoot process. Me and my team of experts will create masterpiece photos based on your specific needs and style. Working with me means that you don’t have to feel stressed about hiring the right makeup artist or finding the perfect location. Everything is taken care of so that you can just focus on being the star of the show!

Why Have Your Photo Shoot in Tokyo?

Whether you’ve lived in Tokyo you’re entire life or you’re just visiting the city on vacation, you may not be aware of all the beauty that Tokyo has to offer. Tokyo is the heart of life and culture in Japan. Every corner is teeming with vitality and rich history, making it one of the best cities in the world for a professional photo session.

While you may want to have your Tokyo photo shoot in a studio, there are dozens of beautiful locales throughout the city that will add a special touch of Japanese culture to your images. From traditional Tokyo neighborhoods to modern Japanese cityscapes, there’s a perfect location for just about any occasion in Tokyo. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the best neighborhoods and locations for your next Tokyo photo shoot:


  • Shinjuku – This sprawling district is home to skyscrapers, neon lights, and the busy Shinjuku Station, which encapsulates the vitality of modern-day Tokyo.
  • Shibuya – Home of the famous Shibuya Crossing, Shibuya Station, and Meiji Shrine, Shibuya is the perfect district for a street-level photo shoot.
  • Harajuku – Harajuku is known for its fashion and modern street art, making it a great locale for fashion or cosplay photography.
  • Asakusa – If you want the architecture and atmosphere of “old Tokyo” in your photos (including the famous Senso-Ji Buddhist temple), Asakusa is the neighborhood for you. 
  • Roppongi – This entertainment district is full of lively bars and nightclubs, making it a great location for a nighttime photo shoot.
  • Tsukiji – Home to the famous Tsukiji fish market, the Tsukiji District offers a great view of the beautiful and picturesque Sumida River.
  • Ueno – Ueno is known for its beautiful cherry blossom trees (or “Sakura”), which make it one of the most popular seasonal photography locations for both locals and tourists.
  • Ginza – The Ginza district is all about shopping, though its wide avenues and modern architecture also make it a great place for an outdoor photo shoot.

In Conclusion About Me And What I like

I always loved traveling the world. In fact I have been almost anywhere. My work gives me the opportunity to travel all the time. I love to stay at the most amazing hotels. My hobbies are soccer (Napoli is my team), tennis and surf. I love riding my 2 Harleys.  Other thing I like are drinking and dining with friends and watching movies.
I love my family. I enjoy my work fully and I love cats and dogs. Hey… by the way….I love shooting cherry blossoms on my phone when I have some free time from my busy schedule. That reminds me why I live in Japan.

Hiring a Photographer in Tokyo

My photos are often described as “classic,” “romantic,” and “clean.” I know how to breathe life into every photo I take, at least I try. To see for yourself, check out my fashion, beauty, swimwear & 40MM travel professional photography galleries.

Do you want to hire a professional Tokyo photographer? Or maybe you want a personal Tokyo photographer for hire to help you develop your modeling portfolio? In any case, I’m ready to start designing your dream photo shoot now!

Are you ready to start your next photo shoot with a professional photographer in Tokyo? If so, contact me today!

Voted FashionTvs Best Photographer at the Cannes Film festival 2013 

Interview with Photo Pop Art HK Magazine. Direct link to site


  • Born in Napoli, Italy.
  • Attended and graduated from the Institute of Arts in Napoli.
  • Attended IED Milano (European Institute of Design). Three years Bachelor degree in Photography.
  • Worked as a freelancer photographer for several Italian Fashion Magazines. Vogue Italia, GQ Italia, Vanity Fair Italia, Marie Claire Italia, etc.
  • Moved and lived in Los Angeles.
  • Assisted fashion and celebrity photographer Jerry Avenaim.
  • Worked as a freelancer photographer for several US, European and Asian Fashion Magazines and brands. Elle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Diesel, Banana Republic and Armani.
  • Attended UCLA. Five years Master Degree in Computer Science.
  • Moved and lived in Honolulu Hawaii.
  • Moved and currently living in Tokyo Japan.
  • Currently working as a photographer all over Asia. Some of the brands include Roen, Venus Swimwear, Clear China, Hera Cosmetics, Zara Korea. Some of the magazines include Marie Claire China, Elle Korea, In Style Korea, Style Singapore, Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, Jessica HK, Esquire HK, etc.

My main area of expertise is Fashion, Editorial, Beauty & Swimwear Photography

Fashion works of Photographer in Tokyo Giancarlo Marino
Giancarlo Marino is truly an outstanding photographer (and wonderful person). He has an almost mystical ability to capture the true nature of fashion. We’d recommend him to anyone! – ELLE KOREA
Giancarlo Marino’s photos are STUNNING! They are all just spectacular. We are really grateful. You are just a great photographer Gian! Just very talented. We can’t thank you enough. Thank you! – ZARA KOREA
You have exceeded everyone’s expectations at our March editorial photo shooting! Thanks a million” – HARPER’S BAZAAR SINGAPORE
It was so amazing shooting with Giancarlo! I kept looking for photographers based in Tokyo Japan who would understand what I wanted but I could only find wedding photographers on Google or photographers who did not catch my immagination when looking at their portfolio online. I finally found Giancarlo Marino. I came out from New York to start my modeling portfolio. I love how he captures the inner self of an aspiring model. – JENNY H. / MODEL
Even if I had no experience Giancarlo has the ability and patience to direct a total beginner. He knows how to make her look like she has been modeling for years. He is very thorough and planned every look with me over the phone so that he was totally prepared when I arrived. We shot many different looks as well as some sexy bikini shots. – CHRISTINE F. / MODEL
My experience with Giancarlo was absolutely beneficial to my photography. I feel lucky to have learned so much useful information in these two days. It would have taken months or years to learn this on my own through constant trial and error. In less than a years time I am now shooting paid tests for some of the prominent modeling agencies in San Francisco. I owe so much of this to Giancarlo as he has been a great teacher, mentor, critic and friend. TAKESHI K. / TOKYO PHOTOGRAPHER
My photography workshop with Giancarlo Marino was an exceptional experience. I flew out from California and we packed an amazing amount of shooting. For me, what I took most out of the 5 days was really comprehending Giancarlo’s lighting techniques and how he directs and gets what he needs from his models. I strongly recommend this course to anyone wishing to enhance his or her skills. – JASON F. / FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER