A DIY Camera Stabilizer with Beautifully Filmed Build Instructions | CanonWatch

Youtube user 朗 岩本 made a DIY camera stabilizer, and filmed everything in a beautiful manner. The stabilizer is made for a Canon EOS 7D but can….. easily be adapted to other DSLRs. The author of the video says:

I have made a Camera Stabilizer which is able to use for taking videos with small digital camera (about 300g) to Digital SLR (about 1,500g).
All parts can be separated for better portability.
This version (v7.4) is specially designed to achieve to be light for using with heavy digital SLR.
Even it is Lightweight (525g) but, it has enough rigidity and designed for easier and faster setting.
It is enable to operate in one hand and carry up to 2,300g total by changing the combination of ballasts.